Bible History Part 1 Before Angels and Demons

The Golden Age of Creation

Bible History Part 2 / Before Angels and demons

Why some angels fell?

The Silver Age of Creation

After the Angels fell.

Bible History Part 4 / Wars of Fallen Angels and Men

History of Ages Past.

Bible History Part 5: Lucifer the Man who would be God

king of The Bronze Age: His Real History

Long Gap of History between Gen. 1:1 & 1:2

Gap Theory Proven by Scripture

More Bible Evidence Proving The Gap

Theory of Genesis 1 to be a Fact

Eternal Life after Death?

Or eternal death after this life. What is your choice?

What happens Upon Death?

Heaven, hell or unconscious Sleep?

What is the second death?

Why TWO Deaths in the Bible, what is the difference?

Why the Pre-Trib Rapture Doctrine is a Lie? Part 1

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Why the Pre-Trib Rapture Doctrine is a Lie? Part 2

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Did Prehistoric Men and Worlds exist before Adam and Eve?

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The Underworld In The Bible

Mythology, Real Underground Bases and Cities

Before the Angels Fell

The Four Ages of Creation

Return of the Nephilim / Giants / Fallen Angels

Sons of God: The sober truth

Be ye not ignorant of the devices of Satan

How fear traps and paralyzes Believers

If God is Good, why does Evil exist in His Creation? part 1

This is an oft asked question, If God is Good, why is there Evil in this world? Why do people get sick and die? The answers are in the Bible, as shown in this video.

After 7 years (since 2011), and having posted over 200 videos on Bible History, Prophecy, Doctrine, Current Events, Conspiracies, and Flat Earth, YT / Google deleted my channel without any reason. This was a clear act of Censorship.  

Angel Wars in The Strange world of Lucifer & the Dragons

This is part 6 of my Bible History Video Series on the 4 Ages of Creation, three of which predate the present age of Adam and Eve and their offspring. This age began about 6000 years ago, whereas the earlier ages came thousands and maybe millions of years before this one. 

The Pagan roots of EASTER

Ostre, Astarte: The goddess of Fertility