Lucifer in the Bible

Man or an Angel

The Beginning of Sorrows:

Wars, Famines, Earthquakes, and Pestilences

We exist for God, not for ourselves

Predestination or Free Will

Which is Biblical?

Did God Give Man Free Will?

Free Will is a Hollywood fiction, not a Biblical Doctrine!

Difference between ‘Blindness’ and ‘Deception’

Once Saved - Always Saved???

 The answer is No, this is not a Biblical doctrine!

Study your Bible:

Forget extra-Biblical books like Enoch, Jasher and others.

Stranger Things in the Bible

humans, angels, beasts and more...

Vision 2020

 End of the World begins? 

Lucifer and Origins of Satan

Satan-History of Ancient Worlds & Lost Ages

False & Corrupt Serpent Seed doctrine

Cain was not a son of Satan

Serpent Seed False Doctrine

Cain not son of Satan part 2

Serpent Seed False Doctrine part 3

Does Noah's bloodline matter?

Sons of God of Genesis 6

Angels or sons of God nor sons of Seth.
Who are they?

The Trials of Job

Is God Unfair to let people suffer?

Is Jesus' Second Coming in 7 years?

Check out this anointed video.

Time to move on from You Tube?

Mind controlled by fear

or Transformed into the Mind of Christ

Be afraid?

Coronavirus gonna get you?