Where did Giants of the Bible, and Mythology come from?

God created man to destroy man, but why?

History of Ages Before Time

The Golden Age

What is Eternal Life?

Is there a difference between Eternal Life and Immortality?

Is There Really A Hell?

Does God punish people by sending them to hell?

God is Love

so why do people hate him? 

False Doctrines:

Sons of God are not fallen angels.

One World Government by 2030

or is the NWO already here?

The Spiritual hypocrisy of Vegan philosophy

Music: The Language of God

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Real Jews, Real Israel and Jerusalem

Truth about black slavery

Search The Scriptures for yourself,

to be sure of the Truth.

Is the NWO/ One World Government Coming Next Year


Have you planned your exist strategy,

from this World?

6:10 / 22:30 Be ye not ignorant of the devices of Satan

New World Order or Old World Satanism?

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God will judge this evil world

Programming the Love of God in Man's Heart

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Did God give man free will

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God made a Mistake when He created the World, and Mankind?

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