When The Floodgates of Heaven Opened.

In Noah's day.

Jesus: Son of God

Why did God want a Son? Why did God want to reproduce?

Is Jesus fully God and man?

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Millennium Rule of Jesus

Signs Of The Last Days

What came first in Creation: Light or darkness?

 Light or darkness? Gap theory explained!

Gap theory further explained

Who is the Image of God:

Driving Lesson 11.19.2018

Was Adam created in the Image of God?

Paddle Boat Lesson: 11.16.2018

Take no thought for tomorrow but cast your cares upon God.

Driving Lesson 11.14.2018

Driving along Lake Simcoe in Georgina

Ontario, Canada

Books missing from the Bible?

Are there books / writings that are missing from the Bible?

Driven to TRUTH:

Missing Bible books part 2

Does God punish people in Hell?

The truth about Hell from the Bible.

Is God of OT a cruel God?

People are constantly teaching, falsely I might add that the God of the OT is a cruel God. Is this really true?

Lost Tribes of Israel?

Driving Lesson Nov. 10

Trinity doctrine?

 Why does God need to have children?